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#FWPL2016 DAY 3 Carlos Gil


Photos: Karolina Paluszkiewicz

Story: Anna Hasiak

ENG: Almost everybody’s heard a story about a girl who accidently became a model. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time, then slayed the runway, became the star of the fashion show and no one would dare to think that she was just a random girl. A total clishé, but to be completely honest, this is exactly what happened to me during the 3rd day of Fashion Week.

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#FWPL2016 DAY 3 Klaudia Markiewicz

* ENG: Fashion Week's saturday was special for us not only because of ongoing fashion shows but also because of other events that was new and exciting. Klaudia Markiewicz' show was a real turn-on. As you know, we couldn't admire the collection from the watchers' point of view, but our part in this operation was even more stirring. We have opened the show and Anna Hasiak's debut as a catwalk model was striking! As the Fashion Week's editions go by, we're getting to know it from all those different perspectives. We hope for the next time to be even more exciting and full of adventures. PL: Sobota zdecydowanie należała do dni, które najbardziej...
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