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Off duty | #FWPL outfits

Tak jak obiecałyśmy, miesiąc wpisów pokazowych się skończył i wracamy do pokazywania naszych codziennych stylizacji (czy tego chcecie czy nie). Żeby ładnie zakończyć temat Fashion Weeka, postanowiłyśmy podzielić się z Wami kilkoma zdjęciami autorstwa Sandry Daniłowicz, którą poznałyśmy w trakcie wydarzenia. Wpadnijcie na jej fanpage i zostawcie kilka polubień – na pewno Sandrze zrobi się miło: KLIK.

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#FWPL2016 DAY 3 Jacob Birge Vision | Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz

ENG: Let’s get this over with! This is the last review from Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland. We’re extremely glad we could participate in the biggest Polish fashion event and see a whole bunch of awesome shows, drink wine and meet amazing people. We finally experienced what it’s like to be real-life bloggers even though no one recognize us, yet. Watching the even from different perspectives gave us an opportunity to get to know Polish Fashion Week more deeply. We hope for the next time to be even more exciting.

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#FWPL2016 DAY 3 Carlos Gil


Photos: Karolina Paluszkiewicz

Story: Anna Hasiak

ENG: Almost everybody’s heard a story about a girl who accidently became a model. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time, then slayed the runway, became the star of the fashion show and no one would dare to think that she was just a random girl. A total clishé, but to be completely honest, this is exactly what happened to me during the 3rd day of Fashion Week.

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#FWPL2016 DAY 2 Jarosław Ewert

ENG: Last week’s post about Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland dealt with the disappointment we encountered during the first day of event. Thankfully, the second day things got a lot better. We could finally enjoy the mood, although there still were plenty of things that could have been done better. We prefer to write about pros rather than cons when we write about Polish events, so let’s just say that we hope the next edition will be organized more professionally.