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27 Cze

You don’t always have to look perfect

Where would you most likely spend your free time? In a crowded city, partying, drinking shots and dancing? Away from your homeland, enjoying different cultures and cuisines? Or maybe in the forest, not so far away but with no people around, bonding with Mother Nature?

I really do enjoy the silence and solitude that comes with spending time in the middle of nowhere. As an introvert, I need to take a long break from people from time to time and a perfect way of doing so is to simply go away. When you’re so far from the city, you don’t need to care about perfect make up and beautiful clothes. There’s only you and Nature. The only thing you should care about is your own comfort.

I took two pairs of jeans, two t-shirts, one body, two sweaters, one pair of shoes and of course – fresh lingerie and socks. I didn’t need anything more. My shoes were perfectly comfortable for long trail walks and the rest of my clothes matched the weather well.
Most of the time, it was cloudy or raining, but it didn’t took away the beauty of the forest or the relaxing mood of this deserted land I was relaxing at. There was no people around. Only me, Him and the trail…
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Anna Jaroszewska

24 yo fashion lover, living in Lodz, Poland.

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